Friday, March 15, 2013

Claychick: Our New Favorite Place!

About a month ago, my husband was working and I was home alone on a Saturday with the 3 boys.  Pumpkin wanted to paint.  I didn't want to deal with the mess.  Hmmm where could i take him to paint?  I googled pottery painting and then I called Claychick to find out whether pottery painting was feasible with a 6, 3, and 10 month old.  The owner, Chickie, was soooo nice and assured me that it was completely age appropriate and she has restaurant style high chairs with buckles to keep the little guys seated. (Of course, they are cutely painted and clean unlike actual restaurant high chairs!)

When we got there, I think Chickie must have thought I was completely stressed and frazzled.  Ok, I was.  I had my wild middle child in a room full of breakable pottery! Was I insane?  Surprisingly, no.    The staff made sure we had everything we needed. Paints, brushes, moral support ;) Amazingly,  He sat in his chair for a solid 2 hours painting a race car bank. The boys had an absolute blast.  Pumpkin glopped paint all over his race car and Munchkin meticulously painted racing stripes and windshields.  I held my breath waiting for the magic to end.  It really didn't.  Pumpkin started to get a little cranky towards the end and I realized it was well into the afternoon and no naps had been taken.  We had  reached his limit and headed home.  But really- 2 hours of sitting and painting and relative quiet!

A week later we went to pick up our pieces that had been glazed and kiln fired. They came out pretty awesome! Even the goopy mess that pumpkin made came out looking really interesting!
Wild you believe we have done this 3 times now? The last time Daddy came too and helped the boys create their masterpieces and I made a travel mug with a handprint of each child stamped on the outside.

There are also special activities like story time, kids nights, and chickapalooza ( I think it's like a girl's night).  One of the times we went they were serving pancakes! My boys that that was such a treat!  This is an affordable activity with pieces around $12-30 but no studio fee that other places charge. More importantly we were creating good memories.  Hopefully my little guys will look back on these activities fondly.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Claychick, I simply want to share what a fantastic time we have had there!


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