Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Crisis Averted!

Ok, so I found the file. It was cut and paste after a blog post draft I was writing.  So we're back to the old look for now, but I still will be working on a new look for the sight so stay tuned!

Mommy J


Note to self: Do not "try out" blog templates  unless you remember where you saved your previous blog code and you have had a full night of sleep!  Especially when you do not have time to piece it back together when you make a mess of it.
(NOT me obviously)

We'll let me know what you think of this design. On the bright side I had wanted to clean up the blog and make it look better so now I have to.

Mommy J

photo by graur razvan ionut

Balancing Acts

Now that Munchkin is getting older it seems that our days are getting filled with activities.  I want him to experience everything he wants to, yet I am afraid of over scheduling my little boy.  I don't want to be dragging him from practice to practice and have him end up hating something that should otherwise be a wonderful, fun, experience.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Signing Time!

When Munchkin was about 5 months old, I found the Baby Signing Time DVDs. At first I thought, "Wow, If this really works, I am going to have a pretty awesome parlor trick on my hands!  I  bought the Baby Signing Time 2 disc DVD/ 2 CD set from  These DVD's were created by Rachel Coleman for hearing children to learn signing in a fun way.

We started watching them and the first sign I tried to teach him was the sign for milk.  Every time I nursed Munchkin, I would take his hand and help him make the sign.  Much to my surprise, after 2 or 3 months he actually started signing.  We ended having success with many signs including milk, more, please, and hurt.  Hurt was particularly useful when Munchkin had an ear infection and he was able to tell me that his ear hurt!

Now with Pumpkin, we've had even more success.  He knows the signs for more, milk, drink, eat, and please.   In fact there have been times where he has given me this angry look and forcefully brought his hand to his mouth in the sign for eat.  (Pretty much telling me- "Hey you!  I'm Hungry!!")

Baby Signing Time has helped us avoid frustration and I even think it may have helped my boys to learn how to talk.  Check them out.  They often send out coupons codes in their newsletters and I've seen some signing time music videos on nickjr.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Baby Signing Time or  These products were purchased by me for my own use.  These are simply my opinions on a product that has been very useful to me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Carousel of DOOM!!!

A few days ago. We took Honeybee to a carnival. It was one of those traveling ones that spends a few days in this town or that and you always see signs plastered on telephone poles and in shop windows for. Normally, this is not something that we would have gone to but having just come back from Disney World, last month, I think we may have been suffering from amusement park withdrawal. We thought that Honeybee would like the lights and the carousel if nothing else.

When we got there we beelined for the Carousel. This had been Honeybee's favorite ride in Disney so we thought she would love it. The ride was 2 tickets so we bought 4 thinking that she would want to go on it a couple of times- once with Mommy and once with Daddy.

 We couldn't get on the carousel fast enough. We were the only ones on for this ride (I think I know why now!) We picked a "horsey" and got ready to ride.   It all went downhill from there!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Sorry, we've been lacking on the posts lately and this one is a short one, but better than nothing right?

So today, The Mommies took part in the Great Cloth Diaper Change. Which was hosted locally by Cutie Booties, an online (but locally based) cloth diapering shop.  Mommy L has been having some success with cloth diapers recently.  My attempt at them when Honeybee was a little baby was grossly unsuccessful - and I do stress GROSSLY.

Mommy L called me up a few weeks back: "I signed you up for a cloth diapering workshop-y thing. That ok?"
"Sure" I said. Honestly I was only half paying attention at this point. It wasn't until the next day that I asked her what it was that I had committed to.

So what it actually was, was an event to break a Guinness World Record for most cloth diapers changed at the same time. This was and event taking place all over the world! For our location, Cutie Booties, held a workshop for those of us new to cloth diapering, which was fabulous! The owner of Cutie Booties was fantastic. In 20 minutes I learned exactly why my I was so unsuccessful with my first attempts with the cloth diapers. (Mainly because I wasn't using a waterproof cover!!)

We were also give a free a reusable shopping tote, a cloth diaper, cloth wipes and some cloth diaper friendly detergent . I had no idea that I couldn't use just anything for detergent.  I had my fingers crossed that I'd win the huge starter box that was raffled off but, no such luck.

So I had Honeybee cloth diapered all day. No leaks. Maybe I can do this. Of course she saved up the fun stuff for when we were out at dinner (and I learned that there are no changing stations in the bathroom of our favorite sushi restaurant.)

So we'll see if I can keep this up. Mommy L seems a lot better at it than me. Right now I have a washing machine full of  2 whole diapers! Ok, so its actually 2 diapers and 2 covers.  So much for saving resources. But I can't take the thought of a waiting a few days (and having diapers going ripe)  before washing them. Not to mention I only own 2 cloth diapers.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Earth Day!

Friday April 22nd is Earth Day.  Many people are celebrating the entire week as Earth Week.  Mommy J and I have been doing many things lately to try to boost our environmental friendliness.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Just Keep Reminding Myself: I'm a Good Mommy (Even If I Don't Always Feel That Way)

One of the worst feelings in the world is the helplessness you feel when your child is sick and there is nothing you can do about it.  Today was a miserable day three of what the doctor diagnosed as a croup-like virus.  My poor Honeybee has had a gurgly, painful sounding cough, she sounds like she's losing her voice,  her nose is running like a faucet and while the thermometer claims she does not have a fever, she feels like a furnace.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Heart Our Pediatrician - Part 2

OK, so you know I love our pediatrician. I think I made that clear in Part 1.  Here are some of the actual reasons why I think he is a great doctor (Aside from the vast medical knowledge.)
  1. He has a fantastically caring personality.
  2. He doesn't rush in and out of the appointment's. He takes time for each patient and their crazy parents.
  3. He is not judgmental about whatever style or method of parenting you have chosen and makes you feel good about your choices. I can go in there feeling like a parenting failure and by the time I leave confident that I am doing the right things.
  4. He will do whatever it takes to make you and your child comfortable and safe. (Doctors visits can be scary to a child!)
It is this last point that leads me to today's story: Honeybee's 2 year check-up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help fight Melanoma! UPDATED!

Greeting All, 

The Mommies' good friend, fellow mommy, and our favorite Avon Representative -Yes that's right, I said Avon. I know what you're thinking, but it's not just for your Grandma anymore. They have fabulous products for us young ladies and the kiddies as well!  Anyway, getting back to the point, Avon Rep  Kelly Levy is personally holding a fundraiser to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.

I Heart Our Pediatrician - Part 1

I absolutely adore our pediatrician!
Yes, I will shout it from the rooftops!

We're lucky, I know. I hear so many stories from friends about not completely liking their pediatricians, and family doctors. The problem is, at least around here that many doctors are maxed out on patients and cannot take anymore, making it that much harder to find a good one.  Now, I suppose I should be clearer in saying a "good" doctor.  It's not that we actually have a lack of competent doctors around here, in fact quite the opposite - we are fortunate enough to live in a medical hub so to speak.  What I mean by "Good" is simply a doctor that agrees with your parenting style and doesn't make you feel like a failure of a parent (we have enough of those moments as it is!). And most of all, someone who you feel comfortable allowing them to make decisions about your child's health.

I am not a doctor. Even though I come from a science based family, the closest I get to science is planting flowers in the backyard! (And yes, it is probably best to keep it that way.) It's for this reason that I needed to have a good pediatrician.

When I was 7 months pregnant, I was finally reading the paperwork from the hospital that stated "If your pediatrician cannot examen  your baby at the hospital, we will provide one during your stay."

My Pediatrician? Oh CRAP! I didn't even think of that! (Cut me some slack here, I had violent morning-noon-and-night sickness for almost my entire pregnancy. I could hardly manage getting myself across a room let alone anything else- but that's another blog post for another day.)

I frantically called my- not my pending baby's-but MY pediatrician's office from when I was a child.  He was really the only pediatrician I knew of.

" Hi, I'm having a baby in a few months and guess I need to find a pediatrician?"
" I'm sorry, Dr. Awesome is not taking any new patients at this time"
"Oh, um, ah, er" at this point I burst into a flood of babbling and tears (thanks preggo hormones!)

"Do you know anyone else I can call? Because Dr. Awesome was MY pediatrician and I absolutely loved him, and I don't know anyone else and I was hoping my daughter would have the same doctor I did and my sister was also his patient, and now brings her kids to him, so I can't ask her who she goes to because it's him and if he's not taking patients I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!" ( I think there may have been more but at this point I can't remember - you get the idea though.)

The poor girl who answered the phone must have thought I was nuts.
"Hold on please. She said calmly.
"Ok, so I just talked to Dr. Awesome, and he said of course we can take your daughter since you were his patient too. We're just not taking new patients, just former patients children and siblings."

Thank goodness too, because at the time I really knew NO ONE except for Mommy L and one other mommy who also brought her kid to Dr. Awesome. Apparently Dr. Awsome still remembered me even though it had been years since I'd seen him!

So I made an appointment for Honeybee's first check up sighed a huge sigh of relief. Crisis averted!

(Stay tuned for part 2!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy Moment...April 11, 2011

So Daddy J took Honeybee out for the afternoon yesterday, so that I could have some mommytime and get some things done.  So,  I took the opportunity to get out and run some errands. It was great to be able to stroll through Staples. (Is that sad? Just wait...) After my leisurely office product shopping spree, I headed out to the car, and

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Babies everywhere!

It's no secret that I want more kids.  If it is up to me I'd like one NOW but Logic tells me that I should wait a bit before having more.  The thing is- My kids are so amazingly awesome that I am just itching to have more. (Of course, they have their moments but all kids and mommies do!)

It's just like anytime I have gotten a new car.  I got a Subaru and saw Subarus everywhere. I got a CRV and suddenly everyone on the road is driving a CRV.  I had two kids and suddenly everyone, everywhere, is having adorable tiny new babies.  I am so incredibly  happy for all of my friends that are (or are about to be) new mommies and daddies.  It just makes me want more!

Monday, April 4, 2011

In Over My Head...In Soap Suds!

I like doing laundry. It seems to be the one "chore" that neither Daddy L nor I dislike. I do not however enjoy folding the laundry and Daddy L has a very particular laundry folding style that I just cannot live up to. When we first started doing laundry together I used to sneak into his dresser drawers (creepy girlfriend?) and unfold certain articles of clothing so that I could study exactly how they were folded and try to replicate it with his freshly washed clothing. I would proudly hand over the basket of carefully folded laundry only to catch him refolding his laundry when I wasn't looking. So over time, laundry became his thing to do.

Apparently I really missed doing laundry because I have created more for myself. I decided to try attempt number 3 at cloth diapering.