Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh My Freakin' Ears.

Honeybee has picked a word for the day: "Loud". At irregular intervals all day long, she has been yelling out "BAH!"at varying levels of  fortissimo. Following each "BAH!", she has exclaimed to me with a seemingly sincere surprise "Mommy, that's loud!"  In addition, she has discovered that her play-kitchen  pots and pans are loud too.  She has been, for the past hour, alternating between banging the pots and pans and Bah!-ing.  A moment ago she was clanging the pans together (curse me for thinking that stainless steel toy pots and pans were a good idea):

"FASTER!!!!" bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang!
"SLOWER!!!!" baaaannggg, baaannngggg, baaaangggg!

"FASTER!!!!" bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang,bang!
"SLOWER!!!!" baaaannggg, baaannngggg, baaaangggg!

At least she has a good sense of tempo. 

"WOW Mommy! That's LOOOOOUUUUUUD!!!"
"Yes baby, now how about quiet?"


As a musician, I should really be encouraging all this musical exploration right?  Letting her find her voice? 

Oh for Pete's sake! 
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Now she is on top of the coffee table, arms up like Evita and "singing".

Is this what she thinks I sound like when I sing Disney songs to her in the car?

Darling baby, could you have picked a day when I don't feel sick to do this? No of course not. 
You are my child.

PS. Honeybee, just looks over my shoulder and points to the picture and says " HAHA! Mommy funny!"


Anonymous said...

Ready for combat?

7macaw said...

I remember the first tiny 1/10 violin and the screech, scratch, screech, scratch, that fortunately grew into beautiful melodies.

Mommy J said...

Yup Mom, That little violin has been making more appearances in tiny hands as of late.

Emz said...

OMG all four of my kids are being SO LOUD this week, I probably have the same expression on my face. My head hurts! AAH!! LOL... joined via GFC, please visit me back at

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