Friday, November 11, 2011

The impossible "Perfect" baby name.

First of all, the mommies want to apologize for the lack of posting lately. We promise to get it together and share more of our hilarious and ridiculous day to day lives.

I have this problem where I feel that I must come up with THE perfect name.

I don't want anything too trendy, too strange, too common, made up, etc. Rather not use a celebrity baby name either. Something traditional yet not overused. There must be the perfect combination of syllables. Our last name is only one syllable, so I feel that it must be 2 syllables or more!

To make matters worse, my husband and I seem to have very differing taste in names. The names I liked 5 years ago are not necessarily the same names that I like today. While I'm fairly certain that Mr L's favorite girls names are still the same. With Munchkin, Mr. L was dead set on a certain name and basically anything else I suggested was nixed. With Pumpkin, I suggested one name and Luckily Mr L agreed and then that was it. With Baby #3 on the way, (Yes, #3- we're very excited!) I just haven't found anything that I like. At the moment, we don't know the gender so I'm not going to stress TOO much just yet but I foresee much stressing in my near future!

How did all you mommies and daddies out there come up with names?? Did you both agree or did someone "win?" Was it as stressful for you as it is for me? Feel free to comment with suggestions. I need all the help I can get or this baby is going to end up being named Hurricane or Batman.


Mommy J said...

Mommy J's vote is Batman! and then you can do Robin for the next one! Awesome!

Small Kucing said...

Well, worse comes to worse you can always go to a chinese fortune teller to get a name for the baby. That is what still being practiced here. But I didnt go and get one for my son coz we already have a name in mind.

Sarita said...

Well, most of ours are family names. With baby #4, we actually picked out the initials AJay(meaning victorious). I almost died and so did he so it just seemed appropriate. I got to pick the A name and my hubby picked the J name! Worked out great!
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Michelle said...

We decided on initials together with our three,
AJ, BJ, & DJ. We (I) then convinced my husband on the names :). Aiden Joshua, Brody Joel & Dominic Jordan. I picked them all, but somehow have convinced him it was all his inspiration.

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Shanan, The Book Addict said...

First, I have to say that I understand. I took an unplanned hiatus for about a month and I am now back. I have a giveaway going to celebrate my return. :)

But to your question, we happened to both like the same name, but any discussion of other possibilities were immediately nixed by her dad. The middle name actually took us longer because I really wanted something familial but he didn't like many of my suggestions. I finally found one (and ironically it was the one I was sure he would hate) that he liked.

And once we picked a name were didn't talk about it much--we were happy and we stuck with it. :)


Shannon Milholland said...

Child number one: named for my fave Bible character and her name is a palindrome which I love because I was a math major

Child number two: Child #1 had a fortune in monogrammed items so child number to "had" to have the same initials

Child number three: named for hubs fave grandma so she started a new initial trend.

Child number four: Hubs and I have the same initial; the oldest two have the same initial; so we had no choice she must match child number 3.

Hey. Everyone has their reasons... ;)

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Grandma Bonnie said...

Very interesting. I wish you luck. I guess you can say my husband won on the naming off all four of our children. He made a list of names and I got to pick from the list. Stopping by from VB featured members. I am now following. I hope you stop by for a visit and follow if you like.

Julie said...

We just ended up naming our son a name we both liked and middle name after my Dad. Our daughter is named after both our paternal grandmothers. My Mom's mom was hurt but there was no way I was naming my baby Muriel ( no offense to any Muriel's)

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LULObird said...

I feel like my kids picked their own names... My first was named by his aunt (his dad and I couldn't agree! he wanted "machine" or "chet" and I wanted "eliott," so, you can see we were on totally different ends of the spectrum! So, when his aunt said how about "fisher," I said, yep, that's it and his dad agreed.

After that I knew I would someday have another boy and his name would be Milo. When I found out I was having twin boys, I knew Milo was baby "b" and that was that. Baby "a" was named as he was born, my doctor asked "what's his name?" And I said "Luca or Jude or..." and everyone said "he's Luca!" And I said "I guess that's his name." Great question!

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Callie said...

For me, I had several names that I wanted to use based on one of my favorite books. For my husband, he bought one of those baby books that has like 4 trillion names in it, and went through EVERY SINGLE ONE, marking down the one's he liked. It was insane....and we ended up with the names from my favorite book. :)

Mommy LaDy Club said...

With 7 of us, the kids helped with the last ones, and my parents always wanted different names. It couldn't be anything common, and of course we didn't want our younger siblings getting teased at school. I like how some of the classic ones are coming back though, like Sophie, Josephine, Hildie, Arthur.
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Erin said...

My 6 kids are all grown and I won some names and I lost some. It's interesting how you can't imagine your children with any other name after you've called them by their name for 29 years.
Have fun coming up withe the perfect name!!

LisaWeidknecht said...

Congratulations on being a featured member of voiceBoks! Choosing a name is a difficult task for sure. Good luck!

pamela r said...

For my daughter I had written girls names in my Diary as a teen thet I loved....years later when my hubby and I were dating we were at a hockey game and there was a birthday wish to a girl with one of the names I had written and my hubby said "what a pretty name..." so need less to say we were blessed when the first was a girl was EZ, my sons name was we both looked through baby name book and picked our top 5 and his name was the only one we both agreed on =)

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