Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amazing Youtube Makeup Video- DiamondsandHeels14

I am so impressed with this young lady.  Cassandra Bankson has shown the world her makeup techniques that successfully cover severe acne as well as baring her makeup free face.

I am so impressed with how brave she has been to show the world her skin without makeup.  How often do you see a model strip of her makeup and show you that she is really not perfect!  I'm sure it gives a lot of people hope!  While I have never had such severe acne, each time I have been pregnant my skin goes completely nuts.  I always just resigned myself to the fact that when my skin was bad, no amount of makeup could adequately cover it up.  From watching her videos, I have been able to use her techniques for applying makeup and it lasts all day long!  I thought I knew what I was doing, but before using  Cassandra Bankson's techniques my makeup would be gone after a few hours and I never really got any blemishes covered up.

I must sound like an infomercial or something, but I am just so impressed and pleased!  It is VERY important as a mom (or dad!) to feel good about yourself and the way you look.  I had really not been putting much effort into my appearance lately.  I had been so tired! After watching this and some of her other videos I have  been trying to make a really effort into looking nice, putting on some makeup, and wearing comfortable yet nice clothes.  I have to say- I do feel better about my appearance and myself!

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