Sunday, May 1, 2011

Find yourself a Mommy Mentor!

Being a mommy is something I've only been doing for 4 and a half years.  Maybe we can even round up to 5 years if we count being pregnant.  Even though some of my "brand new to being a mommy" friends seem to think I'm an old pro at this, (who knows why but thanks for the vote of confidence!)  I still feel like I'm muddling my way through everything.

Many of the people I work with have older children (yet still young enough that their parenting advice is more or less up to date) and I absolutely cherish their advice on parenting.

 One coworker, I'll call her Mommy Em, always makes a point to remind me that- I'm doing a good job, I love my kids, and I am always trying to do what is best for them.  She also pointed out that even when I screw up (and we all do now and then) to remember that I am a good mother.

Mommy Em reminds me to appreciate the little day to day things that my kids do and always suggests fun ways to create memories. She also told me that when your kids make or give you something special, that you should at least date it and put their name on it.  Otherwise, you will end up wondering why exactly that rock you found tucked away in your closet was special to you at one point.

My advice is to find yourself a smart mommy that has "been there" already.  Someone that is several childhood stages ahead of you yet not so far ahead that her children were born during the Great Depression.  She'll be able to offer you advice and tell you what worked for her or what failed miserably and you should avoid.

Now, I'm planning to ask Mommy Em how to get Pumpkin to stop biting Munchkin...

but that's a topic for another day.


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