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Mompact: Review and Giveaway of Bee-Stractors Emergency Entertainment

Mompact: Review and Giveaway of Bee-Stractors Emergency Entertainment

I hate getting shots, blood drawn, or really anything involving needles.   When I was a child they would call in an extra nurse to help hold me down for my vaccines. Unfortunately it seems my daughter shares this dislike as well.  When I got a bit older my dentist told me to wiggle my fingers in order while he was injecting novacaine into my gums. For some reason this has been the only thing that has helped me deal with my fear of needles (and yes I still do it to this day!)  I am willing to bet that if  this product had existed back then, I would still be carrying them with me to all my appointments!

Bee-Stractors Emergency Entertainment are sets of 5 plastic cards that have pictures on one side and corresponding questions on the other. The pictures range from cute cartoonish to abstract art. The questions on the backs of the cards are separated into different age levels.  The idea behind this product is that distraction, especially when it involves counting something will actually lessen the perception of pain whether it be a shot, procedure or 2 and a half hour jr. high school music recital as their website explains. And as a music teacher, I will vouch for the fact that these can be extremely painful! The cards can either be used by themselves or in conjunction with their other product the Buzzy.

I was pretty excited that we were going to be able to actually test this product out as it was intended to be used, as Munchkin has his annual physical coming up right as we received these- shots and all! . Unfortunately, due to the lovely Irene (Hurricane, that is) our Doctors office lost power for nearly a week and his appointment was rescheduled for after the giveaway period. 

Not to be discouraged we decided that we could at least test out the cards as a distraction technique. Mommy L even offered to let me pinch her kids while she tried the cards out on them. Talk about dedication! In the end we decided not to inflict any sort of pain on our children in the testing of this product.

We showed each child the cards and asked them the corresponding questions. Here are the results

Test Subject #1: Pumpkin. Almost 2 years old:
When Mommy L showed Pumpkin the cards he said thank you, grabbed them and ran away.  When she got him to take a look at them he couldn't really grasp the questions fully.  When showed the picture of the monkeys he just said "Monkey, Monkey, Monkey!!"  When asked which star was dressed like a clown he pointed to pretty much every star but the one dressed up as a clown.  He did enjoy counting them though "One, two, seven, eight-nine-ten."  He was able to find something yellow when asked to find a yellow flower.  But when asked to find a butterfly, he was stumped.  The picture was rather abstract and swirly.  On the upside he appeared to be concentrating very hard to figure out what  the picture was so perhaps this would be the point during an injection.  If he's thinking that hard maybe he won't notice the stick!

Test Subject #2: Honeybee: 2.5 years old:
When I pulled the cards out, Honeybee asked "What's that?" So I showed her the first card (an abstract one) and said "Look at the picture" followed by the first question on the back. She did not answer.  She was more interested in the ring of cards. "Let me have it Mommy!" I tried to guide her attention back to the question but to no avail.She just wanted to take the cards and run. I tried asking her some of the other questions and tried the other cards, but she seemed to have little interest in humoring my. Finally she pointed out a monkey with glasses which she had been asked to find. I asked another question from one of the abstract cards but she seemed to have a hard time finding the answer.  The more cartoonish pictures seemed to work better for her. I don't think she would have been able to answer most of the questions at 18 months which is what the card suggests as a starting age for this category.  Perhaps if she were faced with the terror off an innoculation, this would have been more effective.

Test Subject #3: Munchkin: 5 years old.
Munchkin was "obsessed" as Mommy L put it. He just couldn't get enough of the questions " Ask me more Mom!" He went through nearly the entire set of cards trying to figure out each and every answer.  He was very focused on the questions and finding the absolute correct answer.  Munchkin has a yearly physical scheduled for next week where we will try them out and update you on how they worked!

In the end I think the concept and the philosophy behind this is a great idea and I think if used for our doctors visits will be very effective. I wish they had these when I was a kid, it would have saved me a world of anxiety!  If Honeybee had something more pressing going on at the time we tested her with them, I think they might have been more effective for her.  However they seemed to be a great distraction for Mommy L's kids. We'll add an addendum after Munchkin's physical and let you know exactly how it went.  Maybe I will take them along with me next week when I need to have blood drawn and ask some one to test them out on me too. (I'll let you know how that goes too!)

Would you like your own set of these? We are giving away a set of Bee-Stractors Emergency Entertainment cards this week to one of our fabulous readers.  Instructions for entering this giveaway are below.

If you would like to learn more about these you can find  more information on the Bee-Stractors Emergency Entertainment at the following links:

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