Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mommy J's a child lock escaping ninja!

So here's you laugh for the day.  At about 4 weeks I finally dared to venture out into the world with 2 kids.  It has been going quite well if I do say so myself!  So the other day, we were at the supermarket and Honeybee is starting to get antsy. We get to the car and she just doesn't want to stay still or in the car at all let alone get in her carseat.     Since I have a cart full of groceries as well as an infant still in the carriage I toss (not literally) Honeybee in the back seat and get Monkey and the groceries loaded in the car. Then I go back around to Honeybee's side to get her in her carseat and realize she is crying.   Dont worry, she wasn't hurt. At least not from anything I did. Let me back up here and give you a big of background info (someday Honeybee will hate me for this). So we've had some "digestive issue" with Honeybee pretty much since I stopped nursing her. So for a little over a year, pooping has often been an ordeal due to somewhat chronic constipation. Anyway, At this point, Honeybee is bracing herself against the carseat and getting more and more upset. The only thing I can do is hug her until she's done.  After about 20 minutes, she's done and finally agrees to let me change her diaper. (potty training her is a whole other story for another blogpost!) So I grab the door handle, pull and nothing happens. Grab keys, press the unlock button several times and try again- and nothing. Then I realize I have child-locked myself in the back seat!    Monkey begins his shriekfest and Honeybee continues to whimper as  I review my options for escape: 1. Climb over both carseats to the other door which is not child-locked. 2. Attempt to attract the attention of the little old lady who has pulled into the parking space next to me and have her open the door for me. 3. Climb into the front seat and open the front door. Option 1 wasn't an option as I would have had to step on Monkey's face to climb over him. I attempted option 2, but I think the little old lady though I was trying to abduct her or something. She just clutched her purse to her and scurried away. Which left me with option 3. While this seems like the easiest option, it really was not.  Honeybee's carseat is in the middle seat, the seat I was in was behind the passenger seat. I removed the headrest And tried to put a leg over the seat. Maybe I was hoping I had lost half my body weight and gained the flexibility of Elastigirl post baby #2.  There was no way I was squeezing through there any other way but in one layer and seeing as I couldn't get a leg up it was going to have to be head first! So (after a brief moment of completely over thinking this entire predicament) I concluded that I would have to climb head first on a diagonal towards the drivers seat so as not to get stuck yet again with my head on the floor of the front passenger seat.  And that's exactly what started to do except I slipped and ended up somersaulting into the drivers seat! Ninja-style! Score: Mommy J- 1, child lock - 0!  


Raine said...

haha! that probably would have been funny for the old lady if she had just stopped to watch ;)

Kathy Radigan said...

I bet that's a skill you never thought you could put on a resume!!! Lol!! It's amazing what we can do, isn't it! Congrats on the first big outing with 2! Those first few outings can really be tough. It's great practice though if you ever decide to go for three!! Very funny, thanks for the giggle!

Mommy J said...

Raine, you are so right! She totally missed out!

Kathy, brilliant idea! I am so putting "Child-Lock Ninja" on my resume! Prospective employers would think that was a completely useful skill!

CountryCrafting Bev said...

I just couldn't help but chuckle out loud! The pickle we can get into :) What an enjoyable post! Can't wait to hear the next :)

Spanish Pinay said...

Haha! Yeah, women become even more equipped with super powers when they become moms.... It's like the natural survival phenomena! LOL I would love to know what could the passers-by, who accidentally saw this stunt, were thinking.

P.s. I also hug my daughter when she's having a hard time pooping :-) she's doing in her potty now so everytime, I have to deal with the smell and hug her all the time until she's done. :-O

Spanish Pinay

Mommy LaDy Club said...

I like the Child-Lock Ninja on your resume...too funny:)

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