Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I COULD probably do it, but I wouldn't want to live without...

I realize this could apply to many things, (Chocolate, and coffee are a few of my choices) but here are a few products that we love for moms and babies.  To add to the awesomeness, all these products are Mom invented!

Brilliant LegwarmersBabyLegs  Oh how I LOVE these! I wish they came in grown up sizes - not that that has stopped me from using them myself.  Baby legs are like warmers that cover your baby's entire leg.  They are fantastic in place of pants when worn with a onesie, especially for little babies who need to be changed every 5 minutes!  The great thing is that they grow with your child.  Honeybee has been wearing the same several pairs since she was a few weeks old (She's 3 now).   As your child grows they can  continue to wear them as shorter leg warmers or arm warmers. I keep a pair stashed in the car,  and on several occasions when I have miscalculated the weather, have thrown them on MY arms with my tee-shirt.  And everyone though I was just being hip! 

Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers
 Hooter Hiders  I think both my children would have starved if not for this! I am certainly a supporter of breastfeeding(or any other way or method you choose to feed your child) but I would hardly call myself a "lactivist".   I do believe that our society should be more amenable to breastfeeding and while I will certainly feed my child wherever and whenever necessary, I'm not the type to whip a boob out and make a display of it. I'm pretty discreet about it. My feeling is if you are offended by me nursing, you are looking to close. Hooter Hiders are these great covers that have a frame like top so that you can see your baby while nursing but not flash everyone in the process.  I hate being gawked at - this solves that problem quite nicely. (Also I found that it helped my babies not get distracted while nursing).

Belly Bandit had heard about post natal belly binding after Honeybee was born.  The idea is that it helps to shrink your belly back into place after your baby is born.  I started wearing one when Honeybee was a few months old, even though they say you should start immediately.  Since I had a c-section, I though it would be best to wait a bit.  I think it actually did work! My stomach got flatter than it had been before I was pregnant.  I've been wearing it again after Monkey was born and since I developed diastasis rectii (a split in the stomach muscles)  It has helped pull things together and serves as some added support. 

LilyPadz These are silicone nursing pads that stick to you and keep everything nice and dry. Being the slightly crunchy mama that I am, I wanted to find an alternative to disposable nursing pads. I tried all kinds of cloth ones, but would end up leaking through them. (I know, I shouldn't complain that I had adequate milk supplies for both children.)  I had my doubts about Lilypadz when I first heard of them.  How could a silicone sticker actually keep me from leaking?   I don't know how they work so well but they do. I've never had a leak using these and they are super comfortable. Not to mention they don't make you look like you have a diaper stuffed  in your shirt.

monkeyWubbaNub Pacifiers ok so this is more for baby, but indirectly it is for Mommies.  These adorable pacifiers attached to plush animals that basically hold the pacifier near their mouths. These are great in the car when you can't reach to get the dropped pacifier back in the mouth of your screaming baby. I don't know about you, but I swear that Monkey only screams when I'm driving or in the bathroom.

Monkey with his Wubbanub

You can find all of these great products at Mom 4 Life a great Mommy owned and operated online shop. 

Also, they make the best peppermint lip balm I have EVER used! 


Joy said...

Seriously wish I had known about the silicone nursing pads! I was a milk faucet! Wonder if they would have worked for me?

Warmest regards,

Andrea Boring said...

Ok, I am done having any more rugrats, but darn it, if these handy little inventions don't make me wanna give it another go. For like a second :)


jennifer barret said...

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