Friday, July 29, 2011

Renaming my Baby...

Pumpkin, soon to be known as "Chompy," has learned a new word since yesterday:  "Naughty!"You may remember my post on pinching. Well... he's not really pinching that much anymore.  It's worse.

We had a friend over yesterday whose son got bitten twice by "Chompy."  I don't know what to do with this boy.   I wouldn't have blamed my friend if she grabbed her little boy and ran out of my house but she was amazingly cool about it. 

One of our daycare providers said to take him away from the situation and give him a a timeout by himself.  I've also been telling him "no,  it's Munchkin's turn with the toy.  We share!" and he has gotten slightly better with waiting his turn, and even handing the toy over to share, without chomping down.  I've been trying to remind Munchkin not to grab stuff from him.  As great as Munchkin is, he will sneakily grab something his brother has because it suddenly looks so enticing!  The problem is far from solved.  People keep telling me it is "typical" behavior for a 20 month old, but I feel like a bad mommy.  He usually only bites in response to something- having his toy taken or his personal space crowded but it is NOT OK!  Munchkin never did this.  Mommy J keeps reminding me that Munchkin never had anyone to compete with and Pumpkin has his brother and his cousin Honeybee around very often.

I feel like I can't bite him back or tell Munchkin to bite him because that would give him the message that it is sometimes okay to bite.  However, I can't help wishing someone would give him a bite just to show him what it feels like!

Most of the time he is a sweet little boy but am seriously on edge when he is around other kids. Aggghh!


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