Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Baby Has Better Shoes than I Do!

Even if my sense of fashion has turned to t-shirts jeans and flipflops everyday, I try to keep my daughter dressed stylishly. (At least when we are in public!) When she was a baby, we were given a gorgeous pair of Primigi crib shoes.

They are the made of the absolute softest leather I have ever seen and the workmanship is amazing, not to mention they are SO stylish.   Honeybee is now 2 and we have been given/purchased several more pairs of these gorgeous shoes since then. I am constantly amazed at the high quality of this company's products combined with the level of style and comfort. What I have found in looking for children's shoes is that often, style and comfort/structure are mutually exclusive of each other. While I have found tons of adorable shoes, they lack the stucture to support a newly walking child's foot or if they are supportive they look like orthopedic shoes. Primigis are the best of both worlds.
Some of the gorgeous shoes Honeybee has sported over the years

 For the style conscious, many a celebrity has been seen with their children sporting these: for example local favorite New England Patriot's Quarterback Tom Brady/Gisele Bunchen, and Ben Affleck/ Jennifer Garner's children as well as Angelina Jolie's kids to name a few.

Now the only downside is that they are a bit pricy - worth every penny mind you, but on the more expensive side. The consolation, however, is that you really dont need to buy your child another pair of shoes at all until they outgrow the pair! In fact, my daughter has worn the same sandals for the past 2 summers and the same pair of boots for over a year! Granted, her feet don't seem to grow that fast, but is is a testament to their quality as she is TOUGH on her shoes. Also, you can often find Primigi Shoes online for significant discounts.

These have been well loved and worn for  over a year and counting!
While they could stand to be cleaned they are in perfect condition otherwise!

These are the sandals she has been wearing for 2 summers!

 Now, of course, I have a girl, but Primigi also makes some adorable boys shoes too. Munchkin and Pumpkin (AKA Chompy) also wear Primigis.

You can find Primigi Shoes on Amazon.com, Piperlime.com, Zappos.com as well as in many local children shoe stoe or just google Primigi and you will find them!

You can also find the Primigi Company on their Facebook page.


Small Kucing said...

Kids have all the luck these days!

Sarah said...

My son has had a better wardrobe than me since he was born! The clothes they have for little girls are even cuter! I would wear some of them if they came in adult size!
New follower from the blog hop.
Sarah @ made in usa challenge

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