Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Listing This One As A Daddy Moment!

So, I'm throwing Daddy J under the bus on this one.  Yesterday, we were sitting around having a lazy Saturday Morning and Daddy J was flipping through the stations, stopping here and there on various movies until I would ask " is this really something SHE should be watching?" Nothing too bad, but war movies and other "grown up topics" are something that Honeybee could probably wait on.

Anyway, rather than just flipping to the cartoon channels, Daddy J keeps flipping through the stations occationally stopping for a few seconds to see what comes up.

OF COURSE when he stops we are met with a loud and angry "SHUT THE F*CK UP!"  before he is able to continue changing the station

And of course what is the next thing we hear?

"Mommy! Shut UP the f*ck!"  Nice....Real nice.

I'm just hoping that this does not become part of her regular vocabulary.  I know that someday soon she will let something loose in public that wil make me cringe and I will be horribly embarrased and feel the need to defned my parenting everyone within earshot, but I just hope it's not this!


Luana said...

I'm giggling because this has happened with my 2yr old son while my husband was channel surfing too lol.. They're like little parrots at this age!

I'm stopping by your blog from voiceBoks :) have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes, huh? I did that when I was about four and I remember the taste of Ivory soap very well! Be hubby will be surfing cartoon network from now on!! So glad VB made you memorable!

Rebecca Bany said...

Mine have learned if you repeat bad words, you get those bad words washed out of our mouth. Hehe ;)

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

Oh, that takes the cake! I have done the same, still do, telling hub it's not appropriate. With regard to certain words... #1 son said the f-word in a rhyming game - what rhymes with truck? We didn't say anything and kept on going so he wouldn't know it was bad. Phew! But he has said 'damm' in school thanks to hub saying it in the garage! :( following from vb.

Angela Mackey said...

My oldest when she was about two would try to say frog and it sounded like f@#k. Anyway, I would quickly respond with "YES Frogs go ribbit," each time she said frog so no one would think she was swearing. FUN TIMES! ;)

Stopping by from VB so glad to have found you.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Lol, that's one lesson learned. Hopefully he will stick to the kids channels from now on.
Stopping by from VB. Have a great week.

Kelly said...

Lol!! Of course that would happen! I think that if she happens to say it again in public, you should say what Angela Mackey said in her comment. Just act like she was trying to say frog! "Shut up the frog!"

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