Friday, August 12, 2011

The Monsters are Coming!!

This morning my darling (and previously fearless) little girl woke up crying and calling for me.  I went upstairs as I do every morning to get her and she jumped -no dove into my arms. "Mommy Dinosaurs!! Big Dinosaur! In-a closet!"

"There are big dinosaurs is the closet?"

"Yah, Scary dinosaur!" She said as she hid her face in my shoulder.  "and baby dinosaur! In-a closet!"

She quickly calmed down after I convinced her that there were only sneakers and clothes in there.

2 days before that she came running into the room with a look of actual fear, climbing up me like I was a tree, yelling "Monster!!!!! Scary!! Monster chasing you" (She gets "me" and "you" mixed up.)

Is my baby having terrible nightmares or has her imagination begun running away with her. If she is anything like her mother, then it is likely the later.

As a child I had a wild imagination. Not the type that lends itself to an imaginary friend, but the type that makes you afraid of whats around the corner or under the bed.

We grew up in a split level ranch and the downstairs was essentially the "basement" but I would hardly have called it an actual basement. It was finished and quite cozy, yet for some reason, when the sun set and the lights were off I felt the need to race up the stairs to the safety of the top floor. Who knows what could have been lurking down there in the dark! Vampires, monsters, maybe even SHARKS! Yes,  Sharks in my basement - despite the fact that there was no water down there. Clowns were added to this list after I saw Stephen King's "IT".

I remember trying to go to sleep one night and every time I put my ear to the pillow I was certain I heard echoing footsteps. Covering my ears with my hands only made it louder. I was convinced something was coming to get me.  I think what I was actually hearing was my heartbeat but I had conjured it into something so terrifying I started sleeping on my back so my ears didn't touch the pillow.
On another occasion,( I think I was about 3) my mother had to exorcise the monsters from the wallpaper in the kitchen.  In addition to having a wild imagination, I have a picking problem. I pick at things like paper, or my nails or a price sticker on a water bottle. I get fixated on insignificant details.  Well, where I sat at the kitchen table had a wallpaper seam and I would pick at that until it finally it was going to come off the wall. My mother finally told me " You really don't want to do that, you might let the monsters out."  Well that backfired for Mom, I wouldn't go in to the kitchen for almost a week! She finally had to send them packing out the back door.

Well, now that I have revealed just how NUTS-O I am (not that most of you hadn't already had your suspicions), is this what my daughter is in for? I hope not.   I'm hoping these monsters and scary dinosaurs are just the figments of a normal childhood imagination. So I will keep saving her from these monsters and hope she never runs into anything more real than the green and blue cotton a-line "dinosaur" in the closet.


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