Friday, August 26, 2011


So supposedly, :) there is going to be a hurricane on the east coast on Sunday.  I have yet to prepare anything.  Good thing Mr L. stocks up on food when there is a great sale.  I think we can live on spaghetti and jarred sauce for a few weeks if we need to and then move on to Ramen noodles and Lipton side dishes.  A lot of the stocked food is not the healthiest but at least it will hold us over if disaster really strikes us.  We have at least 3 cases of juice boxes and possibly a few cases of bottled water.  Perhaps I should check!

Mommy J is off on a family vacation and is supposed to arrive home on Sunday... maybe they should come home a day early!

If you need help getting ready, here is a great hurricane supply kit list and how to make a family disaster plan. It looks like I need to get started!


Mommy J said...

Yup, we're cutting the vaca short by a day. NYC is apparently shutting down subways and evacuating parts of Brooklyn and other boroughs as a precaution. Better safe than sorry right?

Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing ok!!

Stopping by from the Tuesday Free Hop (yep-I'm a few days behind, but determined to catch up lol!!)

Spilled Milkshake

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