Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Children May Say the Darndest Things - But Grown-Ups Say the Stupidest

Although these were hysterically funny, (and I highly recommend you read them) it hit a nerve with me for a few reasons.
First, I was raised to be polite and have impeccable manners. (Thank you Mom and Dad)  Now, I have been known to put my foot in my mouth on occasion, but I DO try to make sure I think about what I say before I say it. 
Second, this has happened to me, Mommy L, our mother and so many other moms we know on so many occasions.   I don’t know whether people just don’t think before they talk or if they really just are ignorant and stupid, but the things people say to a parent are downright astounding.
Today we’ll share some of our favorites:

“Aw, she’s so cute! Where did you find her?”  
Well, amazingly enough, this morning I found her in her crib because that’s where I put her to sleep last night! What do you think I found her in a cabbage patch?!?!  Oh wait, I now I know! It’s because I could never have a child that looks so darn cute seeing as I look like such a hideous troll?

“Oh my God! They are YOUR children. All this time I thought you were an angel who adopted an entire Vietnamese family!”
Said to  Grandma A (otherwise known as Mommy J and Mommy L’s Mommy) upon learning that Grandpa A  is Asian. A side note: we are not Vietnamese either.  But you know, we Asians all look alike. (Sadly this has also been said to me -in seriousness.)

“Make sure you don’t touch his nose, or else it won’t grow!”
Mommy L was told right after her first child was born.  If this is true then I am going to poke at my tummy and hips (and any other chubby spots that seem to have sprung up since pregnancy) until they go away! (Actual fact: your nose continues to grow your entire life.)

“You SHOULDN’T let your child chew on the cart!”  
Yes, I desperately want my child chewing on the grocery cart handle. How horrible of me to turn and pick up produce when there is the possibility of my infant putting his mouth on the cart. Next thing you know he will have devoured the whole cart and be working on yours! God forbid a single germ should invade my precious child!   However would he survive a GERM!?!?!?!
“My son and daughter are twins.”
“Oh wow! Are they identical?”
I most certainly hope not! Because if they are, one of them is getting the short end of the ugly stick.

“Your babies look so close in age! What are they about 6 months apart?” 
‘nuff said.
(Amazingly this was said by a pediatrician! Not ours of course.)

Alright dear readers, it’s your turn. What are some of the most shocking, foolish, rude, insane or just plain funny things people have said to you about parenting/children?


Bargain Becky said...

I have a kid with red hair and a kid with brown hair. I get "Wow! Look, one has red hair and the other has brown!" Apparently I'm the first person on Earth to not birth clones.

Another good one I get is "Wonder where he got his red hair from." I'm a red head, but I like to respond to this with "Well, my mailman has red hair" or "Don't tell my husband, but my boyfriend has red hair." It usually confuses the "jokesters".

Deanna said...

"Oh wow, you finally got your girl! Had you been trying for one the whole time?"

So, there is something wrong with having sons? I was actually hoping for a baby...didn't matter what "flavor," thanks!

Kelly said...

I really hate it when people say: "You're in trouble girl when he starts crawling/walking. You'll be running rampant."
Or: "Once he talks you'll never get him to shut up."

I hate these comments! I look forward to my son's first words and having conversations with him, it's only me and him all day, I need to have a conversation with someone, and I really won't mind the questions, I mean he's learning for godsakes.
As far as the running rampant and being in deep doodoo, well I'm also looking forward to it, not only am I prepared with gates and protection but I am looking forward to the proudness he feels when he can crawl or walk. I want him to crawl, it makes it easier for me!

Miss Marcella Lee said...

I have twin boys (fraternal, look and act nothing alike) and from the day I brought them home I've heard the following:
"Oh, wow are they brothers?" and "Those aren't twins!" So yeah, I had two separate babies a few days apart-geepers, I must have super powers!

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

Someone actually told me once before, "Your daughter is not like, gorgeous beautiful, but you know what, she's so damn cute!"


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