Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You named it... What??

No, not the baby, but Bugaboo named their new double stroller:

The Donkey!

Yes, this may be old news. Stroller fanatics have known of the Donkey's impending arrival for months, but an email invite to the Donkey Launch Party from a local baby store has stirred up these horrified and intrigued emotions once again.

The previous Bugaboo strollers had very sleek names- The Chameleon, Frog, and Bee. The white baby donkey statue on their website is adorable but I don't think people picture a cute baby donkey with giant twinkling eyes. I think they picture a half starved mangy donkey, on his last legs, pulling a cart up a twisty mountain. Maybe that is the idea? So we know that this stroller is going to be a workhorse and earn his keep?

Actually the stroller seems pretty fantastic. The frame is convertible (the width actually expands!) from a single to double stroller. They boast the narrowest double frame. It seems any combination of seat/bassinet/basket will work. Not only do you get side cargo basket option, in place of the second seat, but you also get the basket underneath.. So much storage!! That's what strollers are for- Right? You throw all of your purchases, coats, sippy cups and assorted baby entertaining devices into your stroller while you wrestle with your baby and try to steer one handed.
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Each seat has a weight limit of 37.5 lbs. While not bad, my 4 year old (well over that limit!) still sometimes catches a ride in our stroller so it wouldn't work for me right now. Plus I don't really want to scrape together the $1,199-$1,659 that would be required to obtain one. Maybe if I have a baby #3 someday there will be a nice used donkey on craigslist. (okay so every time I actually use the word donkey in a sentence, I just dissolve into laughter.)

It is tempting just to get one so that I can yell to Mr. L, "Hey can you get the Donkey out of the minivan" or "wanna load the kids up into the Donkey and go for a walk?"

ok, maybe, just maybe I want one...Bugaboo- if you want to send me one to try I will work on that third baby!!!

If you want to see more of The Donkey:

disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Bugaboo, have not tried or seen the Donkey. These are just my personal opinions.


chekhovseagull said...

I suggested they name it the camel- you know, one hump or two, they can carry a lot of stuff. Donkey is just weird. And I also agree that the weight limit is low for older kids who want to catch a ride.

Mommy J said...

@Chekhovseagull I agree with you! Camel would be a much better name.

BTW, thanks for reading Mommies Being Mommies!

Annabell said...

37.5 lbs is way to low! My petite little pumpkin pie is 35lbs so she's almost outgrown it. And trust me there are times I need a stroller for her too!

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