Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... Oh Geez it's My Kid!

My 4 year old just came over and requested I put some "sticky stuff" on his hands. Upon further inquiry he revealed to me that he would like me to put sticky stuff on his hands so that he could climb the wall and crawl across the ceiling.
Then he asks me. "would you be scared?" I would be terrified, but really because of that horrific scene in the awful movie "Legion" where the Granny turns into a demon and crawls across the ceiling. Thanks for the imagery, Munchkin!

This got me thinking about what little high energy daredevils I have on my hands. The two of them fly across the family room, jumping from sofa to love seat, and even my 16 month old is figuring out somersaults on his own. They slide down the tallest slide at the playground without a fear. The next thing I know, I will have the fire department here pulling them down from the roof!

I wonder if it is a "boy" thing, or just my boys. Other parents keep telling me that it's just in their nature to be so energetic and fearless. I think there is some truth to it. When we have playdates with little girls I am amazed at the difference. Even Mommy J has told me that if they have another kid, and it is a boy, she won't be able to keep up!

Then again, the last time Mommy J's daughter was here, she was climbing up the outside of the stairs, holding onto the spindles. Maybe if I have a girls someday, she will be the one hanging from the chandelier.

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I am following you on google connect from "Boost My Blog Friday"! Cute blog;-)

Jeanette Huston

Miss Marcella Lee said...

My boys are climbers too! I am happy to hear though that someone else's kid climbs the outside of the stairs, we've had to tie plastic gates to the outside to deter the little spider-monkeys, but alas, they just put their little feet in the holes on the gates!

Jenner said...

Definitely not a boy thing. My 2 year old daughter is the same way. She will scale anything in the house and jump off of it, it scares the living crap out of me. If her landing isn't graceful, she just laughs and says, "I fall down!" Meanwhile another three years have been taken off my life.

Mommy L said...

@Jenner- that's what I'm afraid of. I was hoping to someday have that quiet little girl that wants to have tea parties. No, IF I ever get that girl she'll probably outdo my boys!

Annabell said...

My fear about getting my wish (a little boy) is that he would be wild and I wouldnt be able to keep up. Pumpkin pie (4 yr old) is the quiet plays nice. Sweetie pie (2 yr old) is a wild and crazy girl compared to her sister but in comparison to some of the boys I've encountered she's still tame. lol!!

Kelly said...

Umm..too early to tell if my little boy is a climber, he seems to be a little cautious when daddy does wild and crazy things with him, like throwing him in the air, or twisting him around, or holding him upside down. He cries because he is scared sometimes. But like I said too young to tell just yet, I'll have to wait till he can walk to know for sure. But so far he is pretty cool and calm.

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