Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I've picked up along the way.

I realized, while getting ready for bed, that there are some odd things that I do. 
For example, I never wear my socks to bed. Do you know why? Well, obviously because I've been walking around my house all day picking up filth on them and I would never want to put that into my bed! It is for the same reason that I can never wear the clothing, that I wore out of the house, to bed. You wouldn't want the same pair of pants that you rode the subway in, no matter how comfy, to climb into your bed, right?

Ever since somebody else's mommy visited my house, when I was in elementary school, and went around closing all of our kitchen cabinets I feel the overwhelming need to keep them shut.  I still remember her asking my mom "doesn't it bother you that the cabinets are left open?"  Guess it didn't bother her until then!
Another odd habit that I have unfortunately and painfully let lapse is to "always wash the kitchen floor before company comes over.  It doesn't always get done now that I am a mommy of two but believe me I am thinking about how filthy it is every time you walk over it.
Maybe if I could get the floor washed, I could wear socks to bed!
Now how do I get my kids through childhood without passing these on insane habits?


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