Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Matter How I Try....

I am not an organized person. I strive to be. I try really hard- I do! But I inevitably end up failing miserable at it.  yesterday, for instance, I was  doing great. Honeybee was invited to a birthday party. Now, I'm usually the one flying out the door with my coat half off, bag on my shoulder, other necessities tucked under one arm and a child under the other. If I'm Lucky, Honeybee has 2 shoes on - or at least 2 shoes come with us. For birthdays our usual routine is leave early and scramble to pick up a birthday present, gift bag and tissue paper, and wrap the present in the car before we enter the party.

This time, however I had planned ahead. I had purchased a present a over a week before. It was wrapped (with wrapping paper AND ribbons!) two days before.  That morning, I woke up and picked out clothes and shoes for Honeybee before she even got up.  We were ready hours ahead of schedule, which was good because we had some errands to run beforehand. Success! We were in the car and off for the day.

Fast forward  a few hours: Errands are done! We are slightly ahead of schedule (Anyone who knows me knows we are ALWAYS running late)- Fabulous!  As I am packing Honeybee into her carseat, I notice that I do not see the present. I check the back seat.....the front seat..... The trunk? I know I didn't put it in the trunk... Now where did I put it..... Crap! I put it on the roof of the car!  I close my eyes, hoping that when I lift my head and look it will still be there, but I know that after driving all over the place it won't.  And I'm right. No present! Ugh! Now I have to do my usual, scramble for a present!

We do end up making it to the party on time (amazingly), present in gift bag.

I can't win!  The irony of this whole story is that my first errand was picking up shelving to try to be more organized!

 As I was driving home, I turn the corner onto my street and there sitting on the sidewalk is the present!  A little beat up and torn, but sitting patiently and waiting for me to notice I had left it behind. Well, at least I've never left Honeybee on the roof!


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