Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy J's Rant

So the other day I'm sitting there in the nail salon and there are two other customers who are having a conversation - across the room from each other. That, I'm ok with, although I would prefer to be sitting in my massage chair  getting my pedicure with less noise, it is not the fact they are talking that is bothering me. It is the content of their conversation that is irritating me to no end.  

Let me describe the scene first. Customer A looks like a 50-something year old Snookie wannabe complete with big poofy bump hair, oversized sunglasses and day-glo orange spray tan. Customer B, well, lets just say Tammy Faye Baker comes to mind.
 ( I swear the nail salon I go to usually has a very zen-like atmosphere!) Actually, their appearance is really irrelevant to the story, but whatever, it makes it funnier to imagine. 

So, Snookie  and Tammy Faye are sitting at the furthest possible seats from each other and they are complaining about their children -loudly!  In the 20 minutes I was there, they manage to complain about how horrible each one of their kids is. (There were 7 in total!) Now if your children were truly degenerates, fine kvetch away, but the stuff they were complaining about was normal kid behavior (not bad behavior - normal everyday kid behavior!) 

It aggravates me to no end when I see people who obviously have no appreciation for how fortunate they are to have children. I am grateful everyday for my daughter and that I had a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy.  So many women endure so much difficulty and heartache trying to have children. Most of these women I know would make the best parents.  Then you have people like these two women, or people who beat and abuse and even murder their children who are able to pop out  babies like nothing.  It just makes me so mad that life can be so unfair! 

I could keep ranting for days on this but I will end it here.  I'll try to post something happier next time.  (Funny side note: Daddy J told me " Yeah I can tell which posts are yours and which are your sisters - all the angry ones must be yours!"  I'm not that bad, am I?)

(So then, to make me dislike her even more, Snookie's phone starts ringing, with the most obnoxious ringtone. Instead if silencing it, she makes the woman doing her nails rummage through her purse, find the phone and hold it to her head while she talks for 10 more minutes. Really Lady?)  


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