Monday, March 21, 2011

Mommy Time

I love spending time with Honeybee. She's a great child. But every once and a while mommies need to get out for some much needed pampering time. And by this I don't necessarily mean a day at the spa but some time spent without 25 pounds of wiggley toddler climbing all over you.

Right now is that time for me. Daddy J took Honeybee for a first day of spring bike ride through the local state park. And that means that Mommy J has escaped the house and is writing today's post from the nail salon.

Are there a million and one things I need to clean up at home? Yes. Do I have papers and quizzes to correct?  Yes! Do I need to start packing for our upcoming vacation? Most definitely YES!  But are these things going to get done right now. Absolutely not!

Now, I will be honest. I don't always follow my own advice. Quite often I do neglect myself while tending to all the other things in my life. I know I'm not the only one who does this (Mommies, you know who you are!)  But it's true what they say: when Mommy's happy everyone's happy!

I'm not looking for sympathy here. I certainly bring it on myself.  But mommies, we need remember to take care of ourselves. The best thing for our babies is a well rested and relaxed mommy.   So make sure you make time for your self  too ladies !


Christine said...

Soo true, enjoy your pampering!

Kelly H. said...

Cute blog! New follower here, hope that you will follow back!

Kelly said...

I just took time out for myself this past weekend and went to Wanda Sykes with some girlfriends! Stayed out late, went to a wine bar and ate some fondue came back in the morning and got less than 8hrs of sleep for the next day, in the morning I felt fantastic ready to bring on the world!! Love Mommy Me Days!

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