Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My baby is growing up...

My baby is growing up!  She's become so independent. Today, she did something I thought would not happen for several more years, you know, not until she was like 30.
She willingly left without  me!
I was watching Mommy L's Pumpkin today, and when she came to pick him up, Honeybee decided that she wanted to go with her. She was pulling at the door like she was trying to escape.  "Ok, but Mommy's going to stay here." I said thinking that she would change her mind but she said " OK, mommy home!" and continued to pull at the door. So we went out to the car and I thought:  she'll change her mind any minute - as soon as she realizes I'm not going, she'll change her mind.

"Ok Sweetie, bye bye! Mommy's staying here."
"Yah, bye bye Mommy"
"But you are going with Auntie L"
"Yah! Bye bye Mommy"
"Without me..."

So she was going off to play at Mommy L's house for the afternoon. I felt a twinge of sadness as they drove off, and I realized what this meant...



Kelly said...

Ha!! Too funny, hope Mommy L didn't mind! Yeah, that time alone is precious, enjoy it while you can!

Annabell said...

Hey can Mommy L come get my two girls? I need some mommy time! Enjoy yours Mommy J!!

Mommy L said...

Annabell I will come and get your girls... as soon as we are germ-free at our house!

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